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T-Ortho Graduate is awarded the 2009 Doctor of the
Date: 2/14/2009
Dr. Craig Robbins, a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon in Jackson, Mississippi, was named “America’s Most Loved Doctor” on Valentine’s Day 2009 by for outstanding doctor patient communication.
Tulane Ortho Residency Alumni

Tulane Orthopaedic Surgery Alumni
Graduating Residents Sorted by Year and Last Name


Michael Cox, MD

Nicola S. Corbett, MD

Oscar Anton, MD
Charles L. Cox III, MD
Adam W. Fosnaugh, MD
Christopher Haraszti, MD

Scott Biggerstaff, MD
R. Allen Butler, MD
Roderick Chandler , MD
Gregory Jeansonne, MD
R. Spencer Stoetzel, MD

W. Scott Brown, MD
Corey Burak, MD
John T. Davis, MD
John H. Greenfield, MD
Bryan Frentz, MD
Pamela J. Petrocy, MD
Travis VanDyke, MD

Erik Bruce, MD
Kevin McCarthy, MD
Scott Montgomery, MD
Craig Robbins, MD
Meredith Warner, MD

Mike Adams, MD
Joe Hsu, MD
Dave Mourning, MD
Jim Murphy, MD
Catherine Sargent, MD

Alex Bertot, MD
Marcus Cook, MD
Jay Friedman, MD
Michael Heilig, MD
Will Murrell Jr., MD
Shawn Nakamura, MD

J. Christopher Eyke, MD
Vaugh A. Frigon, MD
Matthew R. Hwang, MD
Corey G. Solman Jr., MD
Edward Szuszczewicz Jr., MD
James R. Watson, MD

Mark Burt, MD
Daniel R. Laster, MD
Joseph Locker, MD
Franklin E. Mirrer, MD
Mark Santman, MD
Tim Schrader, MD

Christopher Brumfield, MD
Jeffrey Cuomo, MD
Mark Galland, MD
Paul Sherbondy, MD
Dexter Walcott, MD
Troy Watson, MD

Frank P. Castro, MD
Shawn P. Granger, MD
Derek L. Jones, MD
Barry G. Munn, MD
Thomas R. Lyons, MD
G. Jeffrey Popham, MD
Michael Sullivan, MD

Treg D. Brown, MD
Rudolph A. Buckley, MD
Paul A. Michas, MD
Andrew J. Palafox, MD
Kathleen A. Robertson, MD
Ricardo J. Rodriguez, MD

James N. Dunlap, MD
Rolando Garcia , MD
Charles W. Hartzog Jr., MD
Randall W. Jennings, MD
Robert T. Myles, MD
Jacqueline Redondo, MD
Scott C. Simmons, MD
Michael W. Wolfe, MD

John M. Baldauf, MD
George F. Chimento, MD
Christopher K. Hebert, MD
Richard S. Levy, MD
Peter J. Lund, MD
Charles T. Texada, MD
Stephen H. Treacy, MD

Alton Barron, MD
Kace Ezzet , MD
John Fritchie, MD
Al Folgueras, MD
Tom Halvorson, MD
Dave Muldowny, MD
Rob Treuting, MD
Carey Winder, MD

Robert Bischoff, MD
Mark Brinker, MD
Jay Butler, MD
Christopher Edwards, MD
R. Jay French, MD
Gregor Hoffman , MD
Paul Pfleuger, MD
David Trettin, MD

Mike Davis, MD
Robert Golz, MD
James Hooten, MD
Yvonne Satterwhite, MD
Thomas Skalley, MD
Robert Tomlinson, MD
Wallace Weatherly, MD
Michael Young, MD

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