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T-Ortho Graduate is awarded the 2009 Doctor of the
Date: 2/14/2009
Dr. Craig Robbins, a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon in Jackson, Mississippi, was named “America’s Most Loved Doctor” on Valentine’s Day 2009 by for outstanding doctor patient communication.

Tom Whitecloud, MD, deceased, was former Chairman of Tulane Orthopaedics. One of his sons, Jacques Whitecloud, MD is a current Tulane Orthopaedic faculty member.  Jacques's brother (Tom's other son) Saint, is now a Down's Syndrome adult.   This moving video of a televised interview of Tom discussing Saint occurred in response to a proposed law advocating post natal euthanasia of newborn Down's children.  This video is used with permission of the electronic version of the The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
Dr. Brinker was co-screenwriter fo a movie, "Untraceable", which was released in January,  2008;  see the YouTube Untraceable Movie Trailer by clicking on this link
Courtesy of the Tulane Institute for Sports Medicine
Courtesy of the Tulane Institute for Sports Medicine

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